Who are weIntelZone will make sure your Internet of Things (IoT) & Advanced Analytics investments add value to your business. We’re an company dedicated to IoT, based in United Kingdom, Nordics, South Africa & Spain.

IntelZone is an independent technical consultancy that specialises in implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

We are the spearhead in Crayon Group on Internet of Things (IoT) delivering complete Solutions, Specialist Consulting and Support to a wide range of industries. We specialize in consultancy, managed IT services, hosted solutions and connectivity for a wide range of Businesses and public sector organizations across the EMEA.

With a dedicated team of technical experts, IntelZone is committed to providing the highest standards of customer service – based on what customers need, rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions.
We help our clients build resilience at scale, flexibility for the future and differentiation of customer experience. And, we do this while minimizing business-risk and build-cost.

We specialize in assembling and integrating proven technologies, often building solutions around an existing core while enabling clients to prioritize their investment between commodity services and those that deliver competitive advantage.
We design solutions that bridge and augment clients’ existing technology, reducing the operational risk of change.