Asset Management is a key concern for businesses looking to balance productivity with cost-effectiveness. The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has introduced new potential for value – and complexity.

IoT technology can represent a huge change in how businesses organize and control their assets.

Physical assets can be single items or huge complex structures, containing tens of thousands of sensors. These sensors and assets require maintenance of different types. Electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, Software and even compliance-based, to ensure the physical asset is operating within regulatory frameworks.

IoT technology can help with the process of asset management, making it proactive, automated and more intelligent.

IoT in the Cloud can redefine asset management
The volume of IoT-enabled equipment and Edge computing devices that may be collecting data in a typical physical asset driven environment can be enormous. Sensors, external data, archived data, thermometers, mobile devices and so on – many of which may also be remote and unmanned.
To release the value of this information, an optimal solution is to deploy a cloud-based platform that can unify, process and analyze all this data from the assets. Then organizations can benefit from real-time, continually updated analysis of performance, trends, equipment status, historical data, events, external data and other for optimal insight.


IoT can change your current asset management practice into an automated, intelligent and unified approach – one that enhances your productivity and improves your bottom line.

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