IntelZone ServicesIntelZone acts as a strategic consultant, analyzing your brand’s current performance with the aim of optimizing every step required to establish the best possible foundation for your brand(s) to succeed in the future with IoT

  • Plan
    Targeted outcome
    RIO analyze
    Start small, use available data
  • Acquire
    Sensors, controllers and actuators
    Edge security and manageability
  • Transport
    Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, ZigBee, MQTT
    Minimize bandwidth consumption and solution latency
    Edge/Fog Solutions
  • Aggregate
    Tiered data aggregation
    Cloud brokering
    Minimize data management cost
  • Analyze
    Slice and dice data-sets to understand odd behavior
    Use machine learning to detect patterns invisible for humans
    Convert data into insights
  • Predict
    Predictive models
  • Act
    Visualization layer
    Mobile applications
    Tailored to specific situation

IoT Advisory

focusing on the digital transformation and business process revolution

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IoT Sensors & Edge computing

provides a means to collect and process data at local computing devices

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IoT Platforms

Select the best IoT Platform for your current and future needs

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Advanced Analytics

helps organizations understand the IoT data at their disposal.

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