Optimize your IoT strategy

By leveraging predictive analytics and the Internet of Things, you can transform your business from a product-based model to a service-based model.

IntelZone ServicesWe are passionate about IoT and experience great Business outcome from IoT every day.

IoT Advisory

focusing on the digital transformation and business process revolution powered by IoT

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IoT Sensors & Edge computing

provides a means to collect and process data at local computing devices

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IoT Platforms

Select the best IoT Platform for your current and future needs

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IoT Advanced Analytics

helps organizations understand the IoT data at their disposal

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IoT Predictive Analytics

Techniques, tools, and technologies that use data to find models

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IoT Consulting

End-to-End projects for our internationl customers.

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IoT Events

We help organizations make critical decisions related to sustainability strategy and environmental

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IoT Asset Management

The IoT era has made Asset Management more crucial – and more complex

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Why You Should Choose UsintelZone acts as a strategic consultant, analyzing your brand’s current performance with the aim of optimizing every step required to establish the best possible foundation for your brand(s) to succeed in the future with IoT.


Billion connected devices in 2020


Billion in global spending on the IoT across markets by 2020


of consumer service interactions will use IoT, big data and analytics in 2020


of manufacturers will use analytics data from devices to identify optimization possibilities this year

IntelZONE’s services unite a fragmented ecosystem to unlock the true potential of the Internet of Things. By combining Sensors to collect data, advance analytics to understand and organize the data, IntelZONE uses Predictive Analytics // Machine Learning to unlock the true value of IoT. Contact us for a RoI discussion for your cooperation

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